Types Of Quality For Leather Goods

You're going to find a wide assortment of leather goods sold on the market today and with the advent of the Internet it's growing on a daily basis. Just as there are different qualities of clothing, you're going to find different qualities in your leather goods. Some of the manufactures are pumping them out so fast that the quality of leather isn't that good and the prices are very good, other leather goods are going to hold their value because they are made from quality leather as well as quality designers.


The tanning process is one of the most important processes in your leather goods. In fact, you may find that some leathers have not been and properly and are very inexpensive, but the fact is they can get a strong odor when they're wet. So look for the tanning process that gives you the best quality leather you can afford and stay away from cheap manufacturers unless you don't plan on using the item very often.

You'll find vegetable tanned leather is where tanning got its actual name. This type of leather tanning process will not hold up to getting wet very often and if ever submerged in hot water becomes stiff. This was a great process for leather when it was used as armor, but if it's your coat and you're in the rain, it could be a problem.

You may also find synthetic tanned leather; this was produced after World War II when vegetable tanning supplies were very low. It was usually white or cream in color and has not seen very often anymore with this exact manufacturing process.

Chromium sulfite is also used to tan leather. This process has been around since the late 1800s, and uses chromium sulfite to make a very pliable piece of leather goods that also stands up to water and is easily dyed.

You'll also find Aldehyde tanning processes that will actually bleached the color out of the leather goods, this was often used for infant shoes as well as automobile upholstery.

As you can see there are a variety of different processes that are used in order to tan leather. Most of the time, your leather is going to need special care, you'll find your manufactures directions are probably going to be the best. But if you don't have manufacturer's directions because you bought your furniture used or it didn't come with any, please clean your leather goods with a good leather cleaner and then used a leather conditioner at least four times a year. You'll find leather goods such as couches, chairs, coats and purses will all last a very long time if you purchase quality leather products and then care for them properly.

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